The Other Woman

By Tunette Powell

The Other Woman is a bold and emotional memoir based on a sixteen-line rap written by the daughter of an addict.

In this honest portrayal of addiction, Nette loses herself in the stories of her father’s struggles. She vividly recounts his memories of the crack houses and prison cells he once frequented, and openly recalls how that other world stole so many years from Bruce Callis and his family.

Bruce, who began selling drugs when he was fourteen years old, first smoked crack cocaine while selling the drug to an attractive woman in a crack house. In the decades that followed, he traded everything – household goods, the money meant to feed his children – to finance his habit. While Bruce wasn’t watching, Nette grew up. She faced challenges of her own – being molested as a young child and searching for her father’s love in every man she met. But in the process, Nette searches for a way to not only forgive her father, but to understand him.




ISBN 978-1-60808-074-8 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-60808-076-2 (eBook)

Substance Abuse/Family Relationships

5 x 8, 120 pages

Publication date: December 19, 2012

This book is available in paperback and eBook format:

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