Empowering Intuitives

By Rev. Dr. Michelle Walker

This is a spiritual self-help guide that provides a productive and inspiring way to view life and the surrounding environment, while learning to be grateful—even for the little things! This book unlocks the secrets for finding peace, happiness, and true well-being that everyone has within themselves.

Each chapter defines, explores, and exemplifies spiritual abilities and mindsets, while unraveling the causes of present-day negative experiences. Included exercises can be done by adults or with intuitive children to help prepare them for their adult life as an intuitive. Tools are also provided to use as exercises in developing and understanding a spiritual mindset, for both adults and children.

Learning how to deal with and/or remove the negative aspects of life by replacing them with positive thoughts, movements, and actions can have a powerful impact on every life. This is a truly inspiring and motivating book that will allow individuals the freedom to explore their sensory perceptions as well as provide guidance to live life as an intuitive.




ISBN 978-1608082438 (Paperback)


6×9, 160 pages

Publication date: December 15, 2020

This book is available in paperback and eBook format:

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