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Reviews for The Blooming of the Lotus

5 stars. “Loved the book, how a survivor of incest takes you on a personal journey of healing. Shows that even in despair, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, embarking on a maze of self discovery, faith, healing and most importantly of all loving yourself for who and what you are.” – Pam Thomas for NetGalley

5 stars. “I truly enjoyed this book! It was a very honest representation of a person’s life, from increasingly hard times to a clear path to a happier life! It is so nice when you get a different persons point of view, when you share some of the same problems, and you can see how they worked to solve them! Sometimes, you don’t even realize that they are problems, or that you have an actual problem, you may feel that it is a very normal situation, because you have protected yourself, by denying that things have happened! This book served to enlighten me, and I also have it to a good friend of mine, when I was done, and she enjoyed it also!!!” – Frances Cavallo for NetGalley