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Reviews for Living a Life of Unconditional Love

5 stars. “This is one of those special books that will affect you the minute you start reading it. You cannot help but feel good while reading the inspiring words. It is a book about true love and you will feel it right away. It is a book to dip into often so that feeling will come back. It is a meditation in itself and a tonic for the soul. Everyone should read it and help make the world a little better. Thank you.”

— JC Cross, for NetGalley

5 stars. “Living a life of unconditional love is a great inspirational self help book which helps with increase your knowledge with the different types and degrees of love. The book helps with steps on how to obtain love, growing love, personal growth and how to share your love. The author has shared her own personal story on why she felt unloved, loved in the wrong way and how she had been able to move on emotionally and learnt on what love is, obtaining love and loving others.”

— Simone Sparkes, for NetGalley