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These are My People“Merle Kilgore was a minor country music celebrity who had a hand in some major careers. He was one of those guys who happened to be in the right place at the right time and as a result he witnessed and/or participated in some of the biggest moments in country music history.

Kilgore, a larger-than-life character, was something of a go-getter. As a teenager he carried Hank Williams, Sr.’s guitar. He met a young Elvis Presley. He worked at various times as a DJ, music performer, master of ceremonies, and early in his career had his own regional TV show.

Kilgore is credited as a co-writer of the Johnny Cash hit Ring of Fire (he also served as bestman at the wedding of Johnny Cash to June Carter). He spent years as the opening act for Hank Williams, Jr. before retiring from performing to become Hank Jr.’s full time business manager.

This book, written by his grandson, is a collection of anecdotes and stories told by and about Merle. Reading “These are My People” is a bit like sitting around on the back porch listening to a favorite uncle tell tall tales. You get the impression that there’s probably a little exaggeration going on… that the truth is getting stretched just enough to make the stories more interesting.

The book is fun and interesting. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in the early days of country music.”

—Michael Langston for NetGalley

“These Are My People The Merle Kilgore Story by Mark Rickert was received direct from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Country music manager, we have seen them portrayed on television and movies. Before that, Merle Kilgore was a country music songwriter and performer who watched and helped Nashville grow into what it is here in modern times “as seen in TV.” As you read the stories, at times I saw in my minds eye “Forrest Gump” like moments with Merle popping in many famous country music scenes. If you or someone needing a gift likes or is interested in old school country music, you cannot go wrong with this book.”

—Jeffrey Wells for NetGalley

“If you enjoy country music from the classics to present day, you will definitely find this a treasure. Well documented and researched. Most of all, well worth the time spent. Guaranteed.”

—James Herington for NetGalley