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Reviews for Writing in Community

“A book that shows you how to start and nurture a writing group should be clear, well-written, rock-solid, inspiring – and this one is! My highest possible recommendation for this book. You’ll find real help and humor in Writing in Community.” – Marge Saiser, author of Beside You at the Stoplight

These writers have great authority and experience on this topic. They write ideas that are fresh and new with profound potential for empowering readers as writers, connecting them with honest, authentic peers.” – Mary Pipher, author of The Green Boat: Reviving Ourselves in Our Capsized Culture and Writing to Change the World

“Reading this book is inspiring me to write more. Especially poems, which can so easily slip through the cracks of everyday living. I find myself wondering during each reading session whom I might invite into a writing group.” – Sue Patton, author of The Mindful Woman and The Courage to Be Yourself

“So many folks are unsure of how to start a writing group and end up falling into that chasm we call “failure of spirit.” Writing in Community gives writers an ongoing resource to tap into as they find their way to that magical flow of creativity.” – Suzy Vitello, writing instructor at, and author of The Moment Before

“Excellent book on dealing with writers block. I’ve been dealing with this for about a year and this gave me great help.” – Heather Nestorick for NetGalley

“This book is so useful in sparking creativity in a writer’s mind!” – Atlanta Boggs for NetGalley

“Although I didn’t read the book completely, I was encouraged so much by the first 2 chapters. Something that stood out to me is: when you have writers block write. Simple statement but very true. Thanks for writing this book.” – Beverly Washington for NetGalley