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Reviews for As I Lay Pondering

“I’m loving the daily nuggets of wisdom in this book, I just wish this had been available on January 1st.”

Dora Archie Okeyo for NetGalley

5 stars. “This is a remarkable book of 365 short essays that are full of articulate wisdom intuitive guidance. If you are looking for a book to accompany through a whole year, look no further. You will find much to ponder and feast on here! An excellent gift for anyone who is questing towards personal growth and inner light (including you!).”

Anne Marie Bennett for NetGalley

5 stars. “This book felt just like a spiritual devotional without centering around a belief system or tied to a particular deity, but instead asks us to take a closer look at the divinity within ourselves.

While each section has a particular date assigned to it and follows a calendar year, I do not believe, that you have to wait until the beginning of the year to begin reading it, as these messages can be useful and inspiring no matter where you start in this book. I love books like that, because even if I am getting a devotional at the end of the year, I am very eager to get started, and hardly have the patience to wait. With this book, you can just jump right in, wherever you are in the year right now.

It’s mindful and thoughtful feel, added to the appeal, in a very refreshing and warm way. It made me feel good!”

Claudia Blanton for NetGalley

“A thought for each day of the year with an appropriate action based on Mindfulness. A great book for those who need help with their meditation.”

Deborah Mika for NetGalley

Reviews for SoulStroller

“I don’t usually read travel books but this one promised to be (and is!) much more than your average travel guide book. The author soon points out the difference between vacationing, where one vacates one’s life, and SoulSrolling, where one inhabits one’s life.

I could really see and feel each city that the author takes us to, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole book, including the lessons she learned along the way.”

Anne Marie Bennett for NetGalley

“I love coming along as someone challenges themselves to something they never thought they could do or were always afraid of trying. The author grew up the ‘baby’ of her family and often looked to others for guidance when making decisions, both big and small. The book opens as her son disappears then reappears after an overdose. This seems to spark the author to look at her life and make some major changes. She begins traveling and making her own decisions and we get to come along on her path of personal growth and challenging herself.”

Karen Ellsworth for NetGalley

This book was different than anything I had read. It had spirituality and travel, and self-discovery.
Although I haven’t experienced anything like the author has, it was lovely to read about how her travels and pilgrimages helped connect with the past, and bring calm.

This book includes travel descriptions, reflections, and diary excerpts, which provide different perspectives.

Anisa for NetGalley

This was an enjoyable, engaging memoir described as a travel memoir, but so much more. I enjoyed the descriptive writing of geographical locations visited, however this journey was so much more than arriving at a certain location.

If you enjoy travelling on a journey to untangle life’s deeper meaning, I highly recommend this.

Ann T. for NetGalley