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Reviews for My Life in a Tutu

“Having a life spiraling out of control, full of self loathing and depression and striving to be perfect can have its pitfalls, there comes a time in your life when you need to take stock; its a brilliant book to read about finding your self, who you really are.” – Pam Thomas for NetGalley

5 stars. “Jackie is truly a gifted writer. Her ability to find humor, not only in the ridiculous, but also in the poignant moments of life, has the reader belly-laughing at times and wiping away a tear at others. ‘My Life in a Tutu’ is a journey that makes us reflect light-heartedly on the ups and downs in our own lives and remember the outfits we have donned.” – Annette Herbst (Librarian) for NetGalley

“Very cool idea for a book, and an excellent execution of that idea. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Recommended.” – Marianna Plawinska (Media figure) for NetGalley