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Reviews for Secret Kindness Agents

“In an age where teens are passionately plugged into virtual reality, but tragically tuned out to the world revolving around them, the Secret Kindness Agents prove that it is possible to unplug, reconnect, and spread love and joy. Inspiring and heart-warming, The Secret Kindness Agents will leave any reader feeling hopeful.” Erin Gruwell, Founder of the Freedom Writers

“Kindness is a weed. It doesn’t need rich soil and pampering. It doesn’t need much attention at all. But, give it even a crevice in the hardest rock and it will find a way to thrive. In this small volume, Ferial Pearson leads a group of high school students on a journey of discovery about the power of kindness to take hold and multiply when given even the slightest chance.” Lester Laminack, S.K.A. “Sting,” award-winning educator and bestselling author of Bullying Hurts: Teaching Kindness Through Read Alouds and Guided Conversations

“This is a story about the real meaning of education. It’s not about becoming a better producer or consumer; it’s about becoming a better human being!” – Dr. Peter Smith S.K.A. “Hopeful” – Associate Professor, College of Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

“Want to cultivate kindness? Experience the description-defying pleasure of bringing joy to another human – voluntarily? Clandestinely? Daily? Rejoice! Thanks to Ferial Pearson, you now have a guidebook. Secret Kindness Agents: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Really Change the World is the must-have for would-be Secret Kindness Agents (SKAs) of all ages.”  – Cheryl Lage,  S.K.A. “Sprinkles,” author of Twinspiration  and Twinfatuation. com

“As a public high school staff member (librarian) I found this book to be inspiring. Our school has recently implemented several programs to boost the emotional and social health of the school- I could see several of our very involved teachers and counselors implementing something similar to Secret Kindness Agents and recommended the book to them to read.” – Amie Wilson for NetGalley

5 stars. “…this is a fascinating account of how given the right incentive and drive you can get teenagers to do something that will benefit not just them, but those around them. Written by their teacher, who came up with most of the objectives and plans, but it’s especially intriguing when the kids come up with the ideas themselves.” – Paul Franco for NetGalley

“This classroom project of random acts of kindness starting in a younger school setting is brilliant. Loved the idea and how well it was received. This book definitely makes you think that if every class did this, maybe, just maybe, bullies would disappear altogether. An great introduction to an idea that I feel should be a part of every school.” – Alyssa Schneyman (Educator) for NetGalley


Reviews for Secret Kindness Agents: An Educator’s Guide

5 stars. “I love the idea of promoting small acts of kindness. I am using this book with my students and I believe it is really helping them to be more empathetic and sympathetic to others and to see that small acts of kindness can really add up and help not just others, but themselves as well!” – Summer Hickman (Educator), for NetGalley