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Reviews for Wellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes

Wellness 100“Kari & Amber,

I would like to send my appreciation and admiration to you both. I absolutely loved the cookbook and have been using it at home for Matt and the kids. It has been very enlightening to the ways we eat so unhealthy and with such flavorful recipes it makes it very simple for me to feel good about feeding my family right.

The cooking demonstration you preformed for the Falcons wives and myself was so educational! The food was beyond delicious and really opened our eyes to new ways to prepare and cook healthier. My favorite is the many ways to cook and eat fish twice a week.

I have really enjoyed the cookbook. You have inspired me to continue this Wellness 100 path!

Thank You.”

– Atlanta Falcons Kicker Matt Bryant and his wife Melissa

“‘Wellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes,’ written by Amber French, DO and Kari Morris, is filled with facts, encouragement, motivation and recipes to help each and every one of us live and enjoy a healthy life. This program is to encourage a healthy lifestyle, based upon the idea of making good food choices, such as only having 100 crabohydrates in your diet for each day. The first part of the book discusses what should be included in one’s diet and what should not, as well as the breakdown of each type of food. There are explanations for the rationale behind this diet such as how the intake of carbohydrates affects blood sugar and insulin. The second part of the book is recipes: recipes for each meal of the day and also split into categories such as fish, snacks and soups. Each recipe contains nutrition analysis information.

This book is very useful as it is filled with excellent information and it is written in a way that is easily understood by the reader. Some books written about nutrition and diets are filled with terms that the common person does not know or understand. That is not the case with this book at all! I liked how the chapters are divided and arranged. This book gives a wealth of resource in such a well-organized manner that it can be thumbed through quickly to find something specific. I really enjoyed the chapter that focused on hidden calories and how quickly calories can add up in drinks and other things you would not really think about at the time. The recipes for the most part seem to use common ingredients and they appear to be relatively simple to prepare. I am looking forward to trying several of these recipes! Overall, this is an excellent book to read if you are hoping to live a healthier life and want to make wiser choices as regards your eating habits.”

Kristie Ingerto for Readers Favorite

“Thank you both Dr. Amber French and Kari Morris for writing such a valuable book to help people regain control over their nutrition.  You both are a perfect combination of smarts and know-how, and it reflects in your writing – sound medical advice along with terrific recipes and pointers on how to be successful.  This book marks a return to a much simpler yet highly effective way of eating, a return to real-food nutrition which is more about finding the right balance in today’s challenging food environment.  As a health practitioner myself, I see the value in cutting through the hype and extreme viewpoints which does nothing but prevent people from having a realistic plan they can stick to.  What’s a diet worth if you can’t stick to it?  Not much in my opinion.  Full of common sense and up-to-date research, this book will teach people how to make satisfying meals that will delight the whole family, promoting good, sensible habits for years to come.”

– Ricardo Boye, ND CNC (a doctor of naturopathy and a certified nutritional consultant at Spa on Green Street in Gainesville, GA)

“With summer and swimsuit season upon us, we must face our biggest nightmare- the dreaded diet. But, with so many diet options, which do you choose? “Wellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes”, by Dahlonega residents Dr. Amber French and chef Kari Morris, is focused on lifestyle changes rather than trendy, quick fixes. The collaborative pair, friends and food lovers created the plan to encourage enjoyable and sensible life choices. The plan assists in weight loss and has various other health benefits.

Rather than making unnecessary calorie cuts or avoiding bread at all costs, the Wellness 100 plan offers a reasonable way to alter your current diet. The best part — the diet promotes a healthy routine, without cutting out the carbs.

Fortunately for the bread lovers, Wellness 100 teaches the proper consumption of healthy carbs. Not only does the book contain delicious recipes and sound nutritional advice, but it also includes a helpful shopping-list. A key component of the plan, the shopping list provides readers with the best options to purchase at the supermarket.

With a five-star review from Readers Favorite, the ‘Wellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes’ book is the perfect way to turn your lifestyle around. If you are looking to change bad eating habits without a trendy diet, look no further- Wellness 100 is your solution.”

– Nicole Hohman for Points North Atlanta

Amazon Review: “Great Healthy Recipes even for a cook with limited skills!  A great book for someone who wants tasty recipes for eating healthy! It’s not a diet just a way of life. Wellness 100 was written by a doctor and experienced chef. The book provides medically-based guidelines that are not too restrictive and include carbohydrates, lean protein, and good fats. The recipes show that eating well can taste good! And the recipes are pretty easy, even for a cook with limited skills. Two of my favorites are the Avocado and Corn Salad with Lime Basil Vinaigrette on page 107, and the Fish Cooked in Veracruz Sauce on page 177. Would strongly recommend this book for anyone that wants some great recipes for healthy eating!”

– Sailing cook

Amazon Review: 5 stars. “This book makes so much sense & the recipes are fantastic !!!! My husband always was hungry mid morning after having a healthy bowl of cereal w/ fruit. Now we know why, carbs alone don’t fill you up!! He has lost 13 lbs so far, not missing any of the forbidden foods & loving the recipes I’ve prepared so far. We’ve always eaten healthy but this is a great lifestyle eating choice to even be more healthy, & live longer. I’ve bought several copies for friends & family & highly recommend this book. We will continue to follow their program after he reaches his goal, so I know he’ll maintain & not put the weight back on.”

– Tina

Amazon Review: 5 stars: “Wellness 100: the perfect book for me! When I read the review for this book in our local newspaper, I knew it was written for me. I found it on Amazon, after checking the local bookstores to no avail. As soon as it arrived, I devoured the contents, (information and recipes). Wellness 100 is a straight-forward book about how we should eat. I especially like the list of food items to keep on hand. I would recommend this book to anyone concerned about the right way to eat.”


Amazon Review: 5 stars: “I ordered this book on the Kindle version because the book comes highly recommended by what I call my “wellness freaks”. Unfortunately I dream of being well just have trouble achieving it. I have only gotten a few chapters into the book. It is well written, I just haven’t had the time to R E A D. Our family has suffered the passing of several family members so I’m not reading because I don’t like it, I just have other priorities at the moment. Once I get through the book, I’ll come back. My plan is if it is something I believe I can follow I will order the hard back version, mainly because I like to mark, highlight and physically hold books. I know, I’m strange when it comes to things like that. Give it a try, Kindle version is much cheaper than the hardback.”

– Deb Woodward (Bloomington, IN, US)

“I grabbed this one not so much for weight loss, and definitely not a lifestyle but I was looking for something to give me ideas for healthier eating, especially later at night. I have a job that requires several evening meetings each week so many times I am eating fast food (which I am soooo tired of it’s not funny) on my way home or fixing some quick and easy food to eat and then go to bed which I know is the worst thing you can do but my job is not going to change so when I saw this I thought this could help. I liked all the nutritional information in the beginning chapters there is a lot of good information. I also liked the explanation ‘good’ protein and ‘not so good’ protein….the not good protein in the morning and you are hungry before lunch…I used to eat cereal all the time for breakfast but stopped because I was always more hunger before lunch then if I did not eat any breakfast, which after reading this makes a whole lot of sense now. There are some really great recipes in here and most look pretty quick and easy, I have not tried any yet but have several bookmarked to try soon. While I can’t see myself following this 100%…I can see about 30-40% of the time…I mean I can’t give up my browned butter, salted caramel mocha chip cookies, coffee cake and some of my other favorites that I like to bake…so baby steps. Good book, good information without being “preachy” and some great looking recipes.

– Nichole Dillon-Lee for NetGalley

“Weight loss and eating healthy is important to me at this exact moment in my life. You see I have a Vasculitis disease that wreck’s havoc on my body and cause my body to attack itself. My adventures with living with a trach and dealing with all the emotions, physical in activity, and extreme exhaustion have been a challenge. I also take Prednisone and other drugs that reave up your appetite and that is not a good thing when you are fighting a disease. In ‘Wellness 100’ Dr. French tells her readers to ditch the fad diets and focus on just eating fresh vegetables, fruit, lean proteins, dairy, and carbs in moderation. Then her co-writer Kari Morris has some great looking recipes to try out. This seems doable. It is back to what I learned at the beginning of my journey with food from the nutrition I saw a few times. I know eating more of the crusificious vegetables would do my body good. One of my challenges that I face is that I have the knowledge but implanting them is a whole another story. That is the real challenge for me. I will aim to fix that this coming year. Check out ‘Wellness 100’ for some great ideas and get back to the basics of healthy nutrition and get rid of those fad diets that don’t seem to have long lasting results.

– Jamie Holloway for NetGalley

“WONDERFUL! A++ work!! Can’t wait to tell all my friends about this!!”

– Kimberley Wade for NetGalley

“We’ve never been into diets and pretty much ate what we wanted when we wanted it!
With my diagnosis of Celiac Disease we eat differently now and a lot more healthy but sometimes it’s hard to stick to a diet. Trust me I’ve got 26 years of experience fighting with a Diabetic diet! We were recently given the opportunity to review an amazing book from BQB Publishing (Boutique of Quality Books) known as Wellness 100: 100 Carbs/100 Recipes written by Dr. Amber French and Chef Kari Morris that helps make dieting easier and not quite so scary, lol

This book is well written and easy to follow with many delicious recipes and pictures that make eating healthy an easy and delicious lifestyle! It contains great information/insight about the good side of the many things people worry about such as fats, cholesterol, carbohydrates and more.
This book is also great for people with Celiac Disease as most of the recipes involve fresh foods such as veggies, fruits and meats. There are the occasional ones that aren’t gluten-free but it’s merely a matter of switching the bread or wrap. I love the tidbits of information throughout the book as well. They help to keep you focused but they also help you learn!

I’m very impressed with this book as someone who needs to eat healthy. Someone who is familiar with dietary needs and the hard work behind diets. And as someone who loves food. It’s definitely well worth the purchase and is a book I recommend to anyone looking for a simple, easy-to-follow, healthy diet!”

Frugal Canadian Coupon Mom