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Reviews for Over 50 and Motivated

5 stars. “An excellent guide for those of us in the over 50 set, having to go through the process of finding a job! The job search process was daunting enough when I was in my 20’s, and has the world changed since. Mr. Howard provides practical guidance and things to do which made my job search effective and is already producing results. This book is not fluffy, as many are, but very real. I highly recommend it!” — Jody Reuler, Amazon Reviewer

Reviews for The Motivated Networker

“The Motivated Networker is the most comprehensive networking book on the market on how to use networking to find a job. Well-written, thoroughly researched, and practical, The Motivated Networker covers important networking topics and introduces the ‘ICE’ Method for job search networking. It is a must-read for all job seekers!” – Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI (Business Network International)

“This is a great book about networking, well researched and well-written, anyone looking for a job or wanting to learn more about networking will find it here. In today’s world, you can use every advantage you can get. Competition is fierce, and these tips can help you get the job you want. Really loved it! Great info that I will definitely put to use :)” — Victoria Haugen, Amazon

Reviews for The Motivated Job Search

5 stars. “A must have survival guide for transitioning jobs or careers. This is as essential as a nice suit and a perfect resume.”- Christopher Havens (Educator)

5 stars. “This is a must buy for anyone looking for new employment and/or contemplating a career change. It’s an easy read the provides job seekers with practical advice on interviewing, resume preparation, follow up calls, and negotiation. Throw out anything you’ve read before! This is truly on point!” – PG for

“I got this book because I am jumping back into the job search for a job away from freelancing (aka traditional job) and wanted to create a system (being the Type A person that I am) for effeciently doing that. The book started off like a “If you’re an executive or professional looking for a job, here’s what you need to do…”. which is not what I was looking for. (I could go to the Internet for that!) I continued with the book anyway and found it to actually be very helpful in several specific ways: 1. The book taught me to focus on how I provided value for my past employers and how I can leverage that for future employers in a resume or cover letter. My previous resumes focused on the job, not what value I created in the job. 2. The book taught me to think from a hiring executive’s perspective. I’ve always thought from a job seeker perspective (“I want this job”), not from the other perspective (“I’m looking for someone to do this job but I don’t know who to pick”) 3. The book introduced me to new ways of connecting with potential jobs (through recruiters) and using new documents, like a brag sheet. Overall, not everything applied to me, but the stuff that did apply to me will definitely be put to good use!” – Charles Franklin for NetGalley

5 stars. “This book is OUTSTANDING and a must-read/must-have! The Motivated Job Search is a culmination of Brian Howard’s 20+ years as a highly successful executive recruiter, career coach, and advocate. The book provides a step-by-step road map to help you proactively land the right opportunity or career change at the right time, no matter where you are in your life. Brian Howard speaks to the reader from an authentic, sincere, yet practical perspective and provides all of the tools to help you differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace and get the job that you want.

As a sales executive who has read many books, hands down, this is the best and most effective that I have ever read. I will continue to use the tools and information in this book and apply them to my work and life. Thank you Brian Howard for this game-changing job search book.” – Amazon Customer

5 stars. “The Motivated Job Search is an ‘outstanding’ and absolutely must read book for professionals looking to start a new chapter to their careers. For the past twenty years, the author has been highly successful executive recruiter and mentor for hundreds of recruits throughout the country. This book utilizes that vast experience and wealth of knowledge to provide an excellent “Blue Print or Road Map” thereby empowering individuals to proactively search and secure opportunities to meet or exceed their job search goals……it’s a total game-changer! The writer is very authentic and sincere in his approach speaking directly to his audience while providing the direction, coaching and tools needed to help the reader locate the career position they want and to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Like others, I’m a seasoned sales professional who has read many different job-search books throughout the years and this is by far the most effective book on the market and applies not only to your job search but to many aspects of life as well! Do yourself a favor and buy the book before starting your new search and please share it with a friend…..Thank you Brian Howard!!” – Amazon Customer

5 stars. “Depending on the tacts of how you got your last jo, might not get your net job. The Motivated Job Search makes sure that you have all the tools you need for your success idnetified. Once you how how each tool can help in your job search, you will be will equipped to amke good calls on the directiosn you should take in your job search.” — S. Pras for NetGalley

5 stars. “Very good step by step book on how to motivate yourself for a job search. I found it very purposeful and very helpful.” — V. Nunez for NetGalley