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Reviews for We’re Not Sixteen Anymore

“Humorous yet useful account about how to get used with the challenges of online dating in the senior years. Particularly loved the honest and funny writing. A good reading even many years until seniority.” – Ilana WD for NetGalley

“This was a very quick read and quite a cute book. The author lost her husband in her late 50’s, and after a few years of being single again, she starts getting hints from friends and family that maybe she should try dating , to see if she can find someone to spend time with. It’s written well and has some quite humorous stories of her journey into the “online dating scene”, after not having dated sine she was a teen. Written with honesty, it would be a great book for someone in her position: widowed after a long marriage and trying to fit into the dating scene again. Enjoyable book.” – Julie LaBo for NetGalley

5 stars. “Loved, loved, loved this book! I couldn’t stop laughing. I could not put this book down. I truly enjoyed reading about the different dates she had. It’s definitely not fun being single/divorced/widowed and checking out the dating scene. Although I was happy that she met that special person, I was also sad when the book came to an end.” – Sondrita G (Educator)

“Great, quick read of a woman from the Baby Boomer generation taking her hand at online dating. Becky Anderson has a strong and readable voice as she guides us through her trials and tribulations of ‘not being sixteen anymore’. The reader gets a short glimpse at her dating life when she was 16, her values, expectations, and what she sees as an “average date” during the 60’s. Then we jump forward to her husbands passing, and her family convincing her to try online dating. It surprisingly didn’t differ too much from a younger dating generation online dating- I’ve never tried online dating myself, but I really FELT her anxiousness when waiting to hear back from a potential suitor, her EXCITEMENT when she got a match, and made me want to root for her success in finding a perfect mate. She has some great dating stories- her generation still has phone calls and premade dates with sanctioned activities. The guys she dates range from jerks who make great stories, to genuine good guys that she became friends with. With a short 192 page count, I’d suggest this to anyone wanting a break from the heavy-hitting reading. I was surprised at how relatable it was considering I was born I’m assuming around 35-40 years after her. Becky wrote very honestly, and proves the point that bad dates are truly timeless.” – Joi Whitney for NetGalley

“There are times when I am in the mood for an easy read: something sweet, to pass the time. This fully qualifies as an entertaining book: it’s short, is funny as hell, and g** d*** if it’s not contemporary.” – Valentina Banut for NetGalley

“This book is straight up hilarious. Definitely not what I expected but in a good way — any age range would be seriously entertained by this!” – Cait H for NetGalley

“I love books that are about online dating and dating in general. They are usually really funny and this was no different. Becky writes with such honesty that you can tell it’s based on the authors real experiences. I found the dates she ended up amusing and wanted to read more about them. I found Becky’s writing refreshing and engaging.. I found the ending a bit too rushed and was hoping for a bit more. I hope Becky writes more books about her dating antics and life in general Thanks goes to net galley and the publishers for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.” – Kat Duncan for NetGalley

“This book is really funny. All you have to do is read her thoughts on spandex, and you’re hooked. As I was reading, I kept hoping that I would never end up dating guys like the ones she describes. There are some crazy people out there. ” – Jennifer Fury for NetGalley

“I had visited my snowbird parents down south where they wintered. Toward the end of the visit, my ever-loving and super sweet mother tried to gently suggest I might want some friends. At that point, my blunt-and-to-the-point father spelled it out for me: “She means MAN friends.” All I could blurt out was: “No, thanks, I’m good.” excerpt from Becky Anderson “We’re Not Sixteen Anymore: A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Online Dating or The Saga of an Old Prune & Her Dates” First off I have to say that Becky is definitely NOT an old prune! I have known and worked with Becky for many years, and she is as funny in person as her book is. I cannot imagine being back on the dating scene when close to 60 years old (I am only a few years younger then Becky). I applaud her bravery for getting back out there after her husband died. Of course, dating had changed quite a bit since Becky was in high school, and she didn’t know how to get started in this technological age. Her escapades on the dating site, in e-mails, meeting up with dates and setting up rescue calls are hilarious. Before writing the book, Becky posted some of these stories on Facebook, but it was more fun to read the stories in this book following her process from registering with the dating site to finding her future husband. I like that each chapter told about one dating episode, but the themes she chose for each were a hoot. This fun little book is for anyone of a certain age who needs a good, wholesome laugh or wants a user’s guide for the mature online dating scene. My best to Becky as she starts the next chapters of her life!” – Murphy Waggoner for NetGalley

5 stars. “We’re Not Sixteen Anymore is a fun, quirky memoir about one woman’s experience dating through an online dating website after her husband’s death and her 61st birthday.

Becky is funny and gives great backstory on the baby boomer generation she originates from along with her experience dating in the modern world.

Anyone looking to give online dating a try not that already have given it a try would love this book. Anyone at all would love this book. It’s well written and light hearted. I enjoyed it immensely and I’m in my early 30’s and married.” – Tina Edwards for VexingCircumstance

“Rousingly funny at times, deliciously sweet and cute at others, utterly realistic yet again! This is the memoir that reads as if Becky Andersen were your BFF and she were telling you about her woes during online dating. The tone is light, engaging, conversational, and the dimension of her age made it something special because it is very rare (and also very brave!) for someone in her walk of life to attempt online dating, let alone write and chronicle it to share with the world! Hats off, Ms. Andersen!” — Zee Monodee for NetGalley

5 stars. “A delightful and fun to read book that made me laugh loud! The style of writing is light and delightful, the characters are well written and realistic. The plot was engaging and entertaining. Highly recommended!” — Anna Maria Giacomasso for NetGalley

“This book is laugh out loud funny. A refreshing point of view to online dating in your senior years. A quick read that’s worth it!” — Stephanie Harmon for NetGalley

“We’re Not Sixteen Anymore by Becky Andersen is a very funny book about senior online dating. What a fun read! If you are looking for an entertaining book, that will keep you reading, I recommend this book.” — Patty Allen for NetGalley

“I really enjoyed following Becky’s adventures in online dating, for a not so ‘tech savvy’ older lady;she certainly got to grips with it. The different dates that Becky’s experienced provided humour and some laugh out loud moments, I found the storyline really interesting and relevant for an older generation who still want to find love.
I was slightly disappointed with the short end to the book, I thought there were so many more humourous dates for Becky to share with the reader although it does allow an opportunity for a follow up book.” — Claire Slack (Educator) for NetGalley

5 stars. “This book is more than it seems!

Yes, it’s a fun and funny look at on-line dating from the perspective of a 60 ear old woman but it’s also honest and refreshing. Becky Andersen is not some doddering old lady, she is great and I hope to be half as cool at her age.

Anyone who has ever dipped their toe in the pool of on-line dating will find this book relatable and enjoyable.” — Dita D for NetGalley

“What a nice surprise! Such a refreshing book, it looks like the story of an oldish Bridget Jones looking for another love of her life after Mark Darcy (snif). It’s the writer’s real story searching for love in a date website and it’s really interesting to know the truth about being in the love market at that age, but she narrates it in a light and funny way and I found it difficult to put down. The ending was a little too rushed, but she choose my favourite suitor, so happy ending for all LOL.” — Kimberly Carrington-Fox for NetGalley

5 stars. “To have such an eye opener of a book was quite a surprise. It opens your eyes then tears them up full of tears with such hilarious tales of dates gone bad. This is such a cute and comical book! If you need a good laugh you can get it with this novel.” — Trully Sunee for NetGalley

5 stars. “The lead character is advised to find “a friend” and she tries out online dating but she’s not sixteen anymore. In her early sixties, the author discovers the benefits and disadvantages of online dating as she goes on her dates. The narration is very hilarious, perfectly a romantic comedy! The author’s witty sense of humour will make you laugh on each page and each line. The way she describes her date and herself and the surroundings is awesome.
Grab this book on Valentines Day or any Day and it surely won’t disappoint you!” — Hemdiva Dev

5 stars. “In We’re Not Sixteen Anymore, Becky Andersen has created,a wonderfully funny book of essays chronicling the pitfalls and perils of dating in the digital age.

First is the trauma of creating a new account and a dating profile; then waiting for the first responses to come in. It’s amazing how quickly checking for responses goes from a pleasant pastime to a raving addiction.

She meets an entire collection of Mr. Wrongs. There’s the utterly boring guy, the guy who makes a hobby of dating, and the guy who goes to a great deal of trouble to create a perfect first date. She also discovers that a horseback riding date, after years of not riding, is a painful way to meet another Mr. Wrong.

Does she meet a Mr. Maybe, or even a Mr. Right. You’ll have to read it to find out!

I would highly recommend this title to woman looking for something light and funny.” — Cathy Carter for NetGalley

“Aww, I fell in love with this book because it’s cute, charming and very heartwarming. A good way to escape reality by reading this light and fun book! Totally recommended to all ages!” — Kymmie J., for NetGalley

“One thing is clear after reading this book… dating is never going to be an easy job, whether you are sixteen or sixty! ????

I giggled and chuckled my way through this book where the author shares her funny and embarrassing experiences with online dating at the age of 61.” — Tahera Vejlani, for NetGalley

5 stars. “A story about a 60 year old who is embarking back into the dating world. It’s definitely a quirky and fun read. Online dating isn’t easy but at 60 to read the dates bought a skill me to my face.” — Alycia Canfield, for NetGalley

5 stars. “I had a great time reading this book and now I am looking forward to reading more books by the same author.” — Mitsuha Yoshioka, for NetGalley

5 stars. “Becky Anderson had me cracking up laughing out loud reading her latest book We’re Not Sixteen Anymore: A Baby Boomer’s Adventure of Online Dating. I can’t remember the last time an author had me laughing so hard! Thank you for that!! Needles to say this is a very fun and easy read!

Ellis Dixson did an incredible job with the cover design. It was very fun and very appropriate for the subject matter! Between the design and the title it made me want to read the book.

Becky dedicates this book to whoever invented cyber-dating; to loved ones everywhere who encourage someone to live life to its fullest; and especially to my beloved family and friends.

I absolutely loved everything about this book! The idea and the concept of the book, the humor she had throughout the book, the comparison from back in the day to modern day and how things have drastically changed (there were specifics that I was literally laughing my booty off with), etc.

Having been on dating sites I know all about the highs and the lovely lows about them. I loved hearing about her experience as a mature woman getting back into the dating scene using a new form of dating. Not only that but the dating stories were fun to read as well.

There was a funny part in the book when people thought 40 was old for dating and kissing let alone 60. Funny I am 44 and single. However, with Covid I may be 60 by my next date!

Becky has a talent for writing in this genre!” — Heidi Lynn Book Reviews

“So funny! Becky Anderson’s book ‘We’re Not Sixteen Anymore’ is a great look at being from the older (but not old) crowd. It’s a fun trip into dating when you’re too old to be doing that, but not old enough to not be doing it. 🙂 It makes me grateful to not be dating no matter what age I am.” — Kathi Procopio, NetGalley

“This was book was quite funny. Made me really grateful I do not date in the current world we live in with technology and every app that is out there. Yet imagine not understanding technology and going through this. Wow. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.” — Mandy Hazen, NetGalley