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He Said, She Said, I Said by Barbara Peters provides basic communication tips for those in young relationships. The author stresses basic listening skills, as well as tips on how to listen and how to respond in a respectful, direct and positive manner. She says both parties must be willing to negotiate in order to settle the issues at hand, and effective communication is the hallmark of good relationships.”

– Karen P. for Readers Favorite

He Said, She Said, I Said“Topics such as abusive argumentative styles, failing to communicate one’s own needs, controlling and parenting responses and full-scale fighting are addressed, with the author acting as mediator and pointing out styles in which accusations and responses set the mood for failure to resolve relationship issues. There are seven characteristics which tend to make healthy relationships: communication, trust, forgiveness, intimacy, acceptance, friendship and love. If one or more of the characteristics is not chosen, there are problems in the relationship; the seven keys to success are highly dependent upon each partner’s ability to leave the past behind and to practice a respectful and positive relationship.

This book will be helpful for young people who are exploring relationships or contemplating marriage. It may be a bit too simplistic for those already in pathological relationships who have a stake in holding to their own rigid needs and wants. However. it is a lovely and informative book which should point young people in the right direction.”

“This is a short book about an important subject – communication within close relationships. It makes some very valid points which we all forget at times. We don’t listen to what is being said and try and work out what is going on behind the words themselves. Almost all of the time we get it wrong. Mind reading is not an exact science and human beings are notoriously incapable of setting aside their own biases and treating people as individuals.”

Most people reading this book are going to recognise things they say and do and are probably going to squirm with embarrassment at times – I know I did. We have to listen to those closest to us and pay attention to their concerns but too often we don’t listen properly because we’re too busy working out what we’re going to say in response.

The book also covers such subjects as trust and forgiveness which are so important in close relationships. I found the book interesting and it was written in an easy and approachable style. We could all make use of the ideas in this book to improve our close relationships.”

-Jill Weekes for NetGalley

“Definitely a book for anyone in a marriage as well as for those about (or thinking about) making the “big leap”! It can help couples from spinning their wheels in the same routine and show newlyweds (potential newlyweds) how to avoid that path. Great tips which are slowly helping me and my husband to understand each other a bit better.”

– E. Flores for NetGalley