Book Clubs & Reading Groups

We love book clubs and reading groups, and are here to help:

  • We offer reading guides and book club questions.
  • We’re happy to host virtual book club visits with an author when your club or group meets to discuss their book.
  • If you live within 50 miles of an author and schedule permitting, it’s very possible that the author will be able to visit in person at no cost to you or your group.
BookGenreDiscussion Info
A Mother's Dance by Pattie Welek Hall
Biographies & Memoir, Inspirational & Motivational, Spiritual & MetaphysicalBook Club Questions
Letters from Madelyn by Elaine K. Sanchez
Biographies & Memoir, Health & WellnessBook Club Questions
Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter by Nina Norstrom
Biographies & Memoir, Spiritual, Self-Help, WellnessBook Club Questions (Set 1), Book Club Questions (Set 2)
The Family Caregiver’s Guide by Harriet Hodgson
Inspirational & MotivationalReading Group Questions and Discussion Topics
Farthest House by Margaret Lukas
Literature & FictionAuthor Questions
Become a Medical Intuitive by Tina Zion
Spiritual & MetaphysicalBook Club Questions