Elaine K. Sanchez

elaineElaine K. Sanchez is an author, speaker, and co-founder of CaregiverHelp.com, a video-based caregiver support program. Her passion for helping family and professional caregivers cope with the emotional stress of caring for individuals with progressive and degenerative diseases is based on her own experience of caring for aging family members.

She is the author of the unflinchingly honest and sometimes uproariously funny book, Letters from Madelyn: Chronicles of a Caregiver, as well as numerous freelance articles for a variety of print and online publications. Together with her husband, Dr. Alex Sanchez, Elaine developed the curriculum for “Gero-407—Caregiving,” which was taught at Western Oregon University, as well as a number of online continuing education courses for nurses, long-term care administrators and mental health professionals. Elaine delivers keynotes, breakout sessions, and trainings at conferences across the US.

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