About WriteLife

In September of 2014, WriteLife LLC, went out of business and the name WriteLife Publishing was purchased as an imprint for Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company. WriteLife authors were given the opportunity to sign with the new imprint and nonfiction titles that were previously published under our BQB Publishing imprint were moved to our WriteLife Publishing imprint. BQB Publishing is the fiction imprint for Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company and WriteLife Publishing is the literary fiction and nonfiction imprint.

WriteLife Publishing is now part of Boutique of Quality Book Publishing Company, which is a traditional publishing house that incorporates some of the more attractive elements of self-publishing companies. The following diagram shows you how we do it.

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With self-publishing companies, anybody can self-publish a book, but there is usually little to no support for the author, who may not have the expertise or the time for such things, in terms of marketing or distribution. In addition, authors who self-publish are given little to no assistance with editing, design, illustrations, etc.

Although both traditional and self-publishing models of publishing have brought excellent books to the marketplace, BQB/WriteLife Publishing sees and meets a need for a middle-of-the-road option for authors who want assistance with their book but don’t want to lose opportunities for input into publication.

BQB/WriteLife has built its model on the belief that authors should have as much input into the production of their book as they did in the original writing.

Once completed, books are brought to the marketplace through BQB/WriteLife’s association with distributors and are made available to booksellers and wholesalers.

BQB/WriteLife’s publishing model means that BQB/WriteLife has done the work in finding exceptional editors, illustrators, and book designers that are an instrumental part of producing a quality book.

Most notably, BQB/WriteLIfe Publishing have the following characteristics:

Like other traditional publishers:

  • Accepts only quality manuscripts and submissions
  • Provides publicity and marketing support at no upfront cost to the author
  • Offers creative assistance, editing, and layout expertise
  • Offers guidance and support throughout the publishing experience
  • Has teams of editors, illustrators, and designers
  • Has stringent quality standards for both manuscripts and the publishing process
  • Contributes a financial investment into every book published

Like a self-publishing company:

  • Copyright remains with the author
  • Respects the author’s creativity and involvement
  • Authors pay editing, proofing, and design costs upfront
  • Encourages author involvement in the publishing process

Additionally, BQB/WriteLife offers:

  • Reviews all manuscripts received (and provides in-depth feedback, no matter what the final decision)
  • Works with author with the joint goal to create a quality book while maintaining the author’s original vision
  • Trains authors for public appearances and book signings
  • Offers authors training and resources in all facets of marketing
  • Produces only quality products
  • Extensive marketing program: works in local and national marketing campaigns, represents books at select book fairs and festivals, and keeps authors advised on new opportunities as they arise
  • E-publishing in formats compatible with each book
  • Has clear cost structure with no surprises
  • Has a generous royalty structure: fifty percent or more (one of the highest in the industry)

BQB/WriteLife Publishing has a passionate management team. Click here to read about them!