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9781608081561New Release – We’re Not Sixteen Anymore

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Not since funny lady Erma Bombeck has there been a book written that so delightfully pokes gentle fun at common occurrence in everyday life —and in this case,dating. But not just any dating! Online dating. And specifically online dating when you’re closer to sixty than to sixteen.

Follow the tongue-in-cheek adventures of a Baby Boomer as she discovers the pitfalls and highlights of dating in the 21st Century’s cyber-world. Feeling naive and outside her comfort zone, the author prepares to step up to the plate of dating after a relative puts her on an electronic dating site. Like many people, she discovers she’s been in a time warp, and when she approaches dating like she did when she was in her teens, she discovers it’s entirely different.

What started out as entries on her Facebook page have expanded into detailed accounts of dating foibles and feats. Anyone who has embraced the concept of online dating will find her adventures humorous and charming.


Becky AndersenBecky is a native Iowan, and proud to be a Baby Boomer! As the oldest of six children, her life growing up was comparable to the sitcoms of the 1950s and 60s—except her mother never wore pearls. Married to her high school sweetheart, Becky graduated from Iowa State University, became mom to two daughters, and was set to live happily ever after. Fate had other plans when she and her daughters suffered the sudden and unexpected death of her husband.

But life has a way of evening things out, and with the help of two special angels in heaven and her family here on Earth, Becky began a short but very interesting journey the summer one of her daughters put her on an electronic dating site. The result was a book about “old” people dating. And a new husband!

Becky now lives west of Des Moines with her husband, Dave, and like every other grandparent, they try not to brag about their grandchildren. . .but fail!

You can find more information on Becky at her website.

We’re Not Sixteen Anymore is available order in the WriteLife online store. All versions (print and eBook) are available for order through Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other major book and eBook retailers.

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