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The Blooming of the Lotus is now available.

The Blooming of the Lotus by Robin Lynn BrooksSurvivors often feel alone in their experiences, with emotions that linger long after the trauma is over. As a survivor of incest, Robin Lynn Brooks understands the feelings. In her ground-breaking poetic memoir, The Blooming of the Lotus, she takes you on her deeply personal journey of healing. Traveling into the abyss of her past, exploring the depths of her experiences with brutal incest, violence, and torture, she journeys on her awe-inspiring quest to uncover her authentic self. The book will strike a cord with survivors, lending hope that even the deepest, darkest pit of despair can be opened to the light.

“I have heard many accounts of trauma over the years, yet it is rare to come upon one captured so perfectly and expressed with such candor, beauty, and grace. . . Robin’s inexhaustible courage, perseverance, and insight through the maze of self-discovery and healing are reflected on every page. She poignantly reveals her deepest vulnerability in an effort to share her story and healing process with other survivors. With great success she conveys that the journey from the darkest imprisonment to the light of freedom is indeed possible. This memoir is Robin’s gift to us all.” ~AnDréya Wilde, Ph.D.


Robin Lynn Brooks is an incest survivor.

robinShe is a published poet and playwright, and her art has traveled nationwide. She has a Masters in Sculpture from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her last body of work, entitled Earth Mothers, is a grouping of life-size and larger women made of earth. She is also a book designer.

Robin is working on a book about her earth sculptures and how her relationship with nature helped her to heal. She is also writing a follow-up book to The Blooming of the Lotus. A collection of essays about daily life after healing, it is called Learning to Live the Lotus.

The earth is vital to Robin, as are the elements of nature. She lives in western Massachusetts on an old farm that borders the state forest. It was here that she found her first mothering — in the earth. The white pines behind her house shelter her. The Lake in the woods is her temple. This was the place of nurturance that gave her the support to heal and to create this book.

Robin is currently available for speaking engagements including readings, keynotes, lectures, and workshops. Please visit for more information.

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