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Reviews for Changing the Game Plan

“WOW!!!! This was an emotional and powerful read! I felt like I was part of the family; living through all of the ups and downs of Trey’s cancer and the family’s joys and sorrows. I couldn’t put the book down because I just had to know what the next results would be. The book put me in the situation and I wanted to help with the constant changing game plans.”

-Pam Singer for NetGalley

changingTheGamePlan“Armed with the will to live the normal life of a teenage boy who loves sports, especially football, Trey Rood handles dealing with cancer as if it were just another thing a teenager deals with as they grow up…. or at least that’s how it seems in the way his story is told. Lord knows it’s much more than that and to read his story you see that he definitely went through a lot to fight his cancer but he took each day as it came and never once doubted that in the end he’d beat it and as he did he’d also find his path in life.

The book gives you the story from the angle of Trey’s parents, his brother, some friends and Trey himself. There is a little repetitiveness with that but it allows you see how each of them view the situation and how this family, and their friends, were bound and determined to win the fight for Trey. There is of course a good dose of God sprinkled in throughout, a little heavier as things move on, but that is to be expected and it’s not overpowering. It basically shows how their belief and trust in Him grew over time, aided in the choices they made and helped them handle it all in the manner they did.

This is definitely an inspiring read. Here we have a teenager that battled cancer throughout his last couple years of high school but never let it stop him from being a teenager and doing what he wanted, whenever possible. Trey wasn’t one to use his cancer to gain any sympathy and later he used it to show others just what can happen when you have a positive attitude and belief that you will conquer. The disease wasn’t one to give up easy and Trey, he proved that he wasn’t going to give up either. The signs were all there for him and his family that he would make it through this and sure they still had some doubtful moments each time it appeared that the disease was getting ahead but Trey, he has something special and now he lives to share that with others.”

– Melanie OBrien for NetGalley