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Reviews for I Hope There’s Pie

“To write a memoir at the tender age of 28 is audacious. But, what transpires in this book of inequities and debauchery is something of note; the living room retellings of young adulthood gone awry – with the tone and candor of a best friend. Hysterical, true to life, easy-to-relate-to, and, unlike anything else out there. You can smell the booze and cigarette smoke tucked between these hundred and some odd pages.” – David Wexler, creator of MTV’s College Life

“There’s nothing too heady about Tony Endelman’s new book of short essays, and that’s what makes it great. I Hope There’s Pie is just what we crave in a modern world that is all-too-often overly austere and downbeat. If you’re looking for another expose on the banking industry or a politcal rant on why bipartisanship is dead, skip this one. But if finding an amusing escape in blue-collar prose is your bag, jump in. From his experiences at a Jewish summer camp to tales of exhibitionist friends, Endelman’s personal essays offer a nice read for a lazy Sunday afternoon.” – Shout! Weekly