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Reviews for Reiki and Your Intuition

5 stars. “Beautiful, beautiful book about Reiki. There are not many books out there on this subject. I like that author mixed real life stories with examples and practices of reiki with self-awareness blank pages for personal notes. I really appreciate chapter about emotional pain. I am going to enjoy this book for a long time.” — Monika Sadowski for NetGalley

5 stars. “Although this book was more about intuition than reiki, I found it to be one of the best books I’ve read for using intuition with energy healing. I can relate to the author in that I have practiced reiki extensively in the past, yet I have since moved on to using other energy healing modalities in addition to reiki.

As the author points out, there is much debate about the use of intuition in reiki, with some seeing it as useful and others arguing that intuition should have little if any place in reiki. This book will be of value to anyone who uses intuition in energy healing and/or everyday life.” — Louis Jackson for NetGalley

5 stars. “A lovely read. I really enjoyed reading this book, with it’s inclusive viewpoint about reiki (which aligns with my own view). I think it would be helpful to people who are needing to gain confidence in recognizing and trusting their intuitive abilities. It is an interactive book with space for answering questions throughout.” — Rose Grey for NetGalley

5 stars. “Another wonderful resource for my Reiki library. I found this a very interesting read, reinforcing my current teaching yet introducing some food for thought.” — Debby McNutt for NetGalley

5 stars. “Reiki and Your Intuition covers just how important the link between the two are and how to embrace it. This is helpful for broadening Reiki practitioners perspectives with clients, as well as expanding upon the original ideas of Reiki.” — Alexandrah Lane for NetGalley

“‘Reiki and Your Intuition’ by Tina M Zion A well written and wonderful book for the individual who is curious and or has a limited amount of knowledge of Reiki. In simple yet well set out steps the reader will delve into their own intuition and learn elementary information about the origin of Reiki as well as exploring their own energy force.

The reader will find the wisdom of the life force and how to apply the healing power to themselves as others. This book will inspire and perhaps lead the reader to attend a Reiki session and be surprised by the effect in their own life.

The book includes spaces to journal your own experiences and journey of Reiki.” — Shirley A. McElhaney for NetGalley

“This is a well detailed and thought out book that will be very useful for Reiki instructors. It shines a light on the importance of trusting your intuition and your Reiki practice.: – Jill Long (Educator), for NetGalley

Reviews for Become a Medical Intuitive

“Very well presented and informative book. Factual accounts about dis-eases, healing and reading people presented in a very readable way.” – Irene McIntosh (Bookseller)

5 stars. “Very informative, clearly explained and an exciting book that definitely can help to open your mind to the possibilities of learning about and using the intuition that we all seemingly possess.” – Nancy C. (Media Professional)

5 stars. “Very interesting. I really liked how easy this was to read, and how well explained the exercises given were. Very good information.” – Cheryl Briggs for NetGalley