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Reviews for SoulStroller

“I don’t usually read travel books but this one promised to be (and is!) much more than your average travel guide book. The author soon points out the difference between vacationing, where one vacates one’s life, and SoulSrolling, where one inhabits one’s life.

I could really see and feel each city that the author takes us to, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole book, including the lessons she learned along the way.”

Anne Marie Bennett for NetGalley

“I love coming along as someone challenges themselves to something they never thought they could do or were always afraid of trying. The author grew up the ‘baby’ of her family and often looked to others for guidance when making decisions, both big and small. The book opens as her son disappears then reappears after an overdose. This seems to spark the author to look at her life and make some major changes. She begins traveling and making her own decisions and we get to come along on her path of personal growth and challenging herself.”

Karen Ellsworth for NetGalley