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Reviews for Facing the Blank Page

“In his collection of personal essays, Martin gives us no less than a series of prescriptions for how to conduct an examined life.” – Dr. J.J. McKenna

“Writing from the heart with an experienced perspective, Martin uses words to paint the hues and textures of his life’s journey.” – Dr. Della Meyer, Adjunct Professor, Peru State College

“I have been inspired by Martin’s essays. He encourages: ‘Continue to dream toleralnce into this world. Give hope.’ He is a writer’s writer and a writer’s editor. His voice is one of diversity, texture, and optimism. For Martin, it is all about words.” David Prinz Hufford, poet

Facing the Blank Page5 stars. “As a journal writer, I found this book a wonderful inspiration. So often I get caught up in the busy details of day-to-day living and find myself floundering. When I am not writing, I seem to lose touch with my emotional and spiritual self. Martin reminds us of how integral the act of writing is to be whole.

I am hoping to soon do a journaling workshop at L.E.T.’s Center for the Healing and Creative Arts, and this book will definitely be on a resource list.

Martin shares some of his poetry and personal essays/stories. They are open and vulnerable in reflecting his joys, sorrows and memories of life. He stays true to his mantra of checking your ego at the door when you write and being REAL!!

If you are an aspiring writer, whether for publication or for your own growth, I highly recommend this rewarding book.” – Debbie Farrow for NetGalley

5 stars. “Very well written; in fact, it is one of the few books of all the books I have read that has held my interest. The author has punctuated throughout the book very helpful information–to me as a beginning writer–interspersed with his own personal stories. These stories and personal accounts were very entertaining and has given me lots of ideas.” – Donna Gari for NetGalley

“This book was not only informative it was also entertaining to read. The personal stories interspersed throughout were great. As someone who toys with the idea of writing but never knowing where or how to start, this is very helpful. I would recommend to both buddng authors to the seasoned professional. This is informative, entertaining and inspirational.” – Shannon Watz for NetGalley

“A collection of essays punctuated with poetry written from the heart, this book is an inspiration for writers on a number of levels; whether one is a beginner or not, one can find something good throughout it. Martin’s essays are written with deep feeling and conviction and touch on a variety of different aspects of writing, self, family and the world around us. If you don’t write in a journal, this book will encourage you to do so.” – David Poremba for NetGalley

5 stars. “What a helpful and amazing book. Great for new and old writers alike.” – Allison Winfield for NetGalley

“Facing the Blank Page is an excellent resource for writers at all levels. I will definitely keep it in my library so that I can refer back to it in the future when I need a little inspiration. Highly recommended!” – Teri Ahlm for NetGalley

Reviews for Little Bird with Broken Wings

“Martin’s writing is rich in personal anecdotes and sensitive reflections on human experience. More than anything else, though, he revels in the creative process itself. He verifies, time and again, the value of writing as a vital act of self-discovery, clarification, and affirmation – which must be ongoing throughout the author’s life. It is a pleasure to read these highly personal avowals of the power of written expression.” – Rachel Danford, art historian, Johns Hopkins University

bird“These editorials and other selections bring practices of writing, teaching, and reading together in thoughtful ways that will benefit students and instructors. He has a cautious wisdom to share; he is careful never to preach. We travel with him along the path, and he, like a skilled wilderness guide, points to useful and dangerous things, explaining the experiences he has had with each. We are drawn to his careful, insightful narratives, and, because we have the context of the story, we learn each lesson better.” – Dr. James Engelhardt, PhD, editor at the University of Alaska Press

“David Martin is a Living Treasure for writing. His essays – and writing life – are an inspiration to generations of writers.” – Robert E. Brooke, Professor of English, Director – Nebraska Writing Project

“Facing the Blank Page is an excellent resource for writers at all levels. I will definitely keep it in my library so that I can refer back to it in the future when I need a little inspiration. Highly recommended!” – Teri Ahlm for NetGalley