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Tiffany MoenTiffany Moen’s multicultural family comes to the fore in her debut cookbook.

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The Spices of My LifeA resident of Cumming, Georgia, Tiffany Moen grew up in south Florida, but fell in love with Georgia during college. Her husband was part of that “falling in love with Georgia,” and they have lived there most of their lives.  Part of her college years was spent at the Art Institute of Atlanta and Rhode Island School of Design. Rather than wanting a career pursuing art though, Tiffany’s heart was always pulling her to be a mom. Neither Tiffany or Eric ever thought they would one day be raising eight children.

After having three healthy children, Tiffany felt called to adopt. With Eric in agreement, she went to Vietnam to adopt their first son, Nicolas, as a newborn. Eighteen months later, they adopted a ten-year-old Vietnamese son, Gary, from California. Then came five-year-old Calli from Thailand, and finally the twins, Megan and Monica, from foster care. By no means has the journey been easy, and Tiffany likes to joke that when God spoke to her about adoption, He left out the part, “and this too shall be easy.” When things are tough, she reminds herself that saving five children from a very bleak future without a family is worth the price.

The idea for a cookbook came about during a very stressful time when Eric was unemployed. Tiffany prayed and asked God to show her how she could use her talents to create income for the family. Within days, the idea of a cookbook came to her, and she launched right in. Within four months, she had written, cooked, verified, and photographed the recipes in this book. Like most things she attempts, it’s with full gusto and focus. A lot of the inspiration for various recipes came from wanting to incorporate the children’s various ethnic origins and tastes into her cooking.

Using her creativity to try new ingredients in recipes and visiting Asian and Hispanic markets for new ideas has had a big impact on her recipes. Eric came up with the name, The Spices of My Life, because so many of her results came from varying flavors and spices within recipes: she’d use her creativity to make changes and try something new. Upon further reflection, Tiffany shared that it was the style of each child being added into the family that made such an impact on her cooking style.

It wasn’t just wanting to incorporate the tastes they were used to, but the reality of cooking for a family of ten. Eating out and ordering in were out of the question. Using prepackaged meals, both from nutritional concerns and cost, was also not an option. Cooking with fresh ingredients was the answer. She is so thankful that she took on the challenge of cooking for her large family every night and learning the skills to one day write this cookbook.

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About the Book

The Spices of My Life: A Culinary Collection of Recipes, Memories, and More