Ted Edlich

Ted Edlich“We have but one life to live. Nothing brings more satisfaction than making that life count in a way that enriches the lives of others. The nonprofit arena for so many of us is the perfect milieu in which to make that happen.  Even more so, when it is entered with the spirit of encouraging self-knowledge, the desire to learn from the best, and the courage to be our best rather than put forth no more than an average or mediocre effort.” – Ted Edlich

“For fifty years, Ted has brought his passion, his principals to Community Action. For the past forty years Ted has led Total Action for Progress as its President and CEI. Through his leadership, TAP developed innovative regional and national models including Virginia Community Action Re-Entry System (Virgina CARES), Project Discovery, Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP), and National Rural Community Assistance Project.

Through the ups and downs of political support and funding for these vital organizations it has been Ted’s determination, his unending energy and his refusal to let anyone else quit that has kept these organizations and their causes strong and effective. All of us who are Ted’s colleagues have received phone calls from him telling us what we need to do and when, and we all knew that he would call back to check on our progress. He and his agency staff have always been Virginia’s first responders whenever another nonprofit need and sought help.

Navigating the Nonprofit RapidsTed is a true believer in social justice, someone who turns his belief into words and actions. He is truly a force of nature, and he is always a force for good. Through his career as its leader, Total Action for Progress has consistently ranked among the nation’s best and most innovative Community Action Agencies. He has been one of Community Action’s per-eminent national leaders. He has had a significant positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and their communities.

Edlich is truly Renaissance Man. He was ordained a Presbyterian Minister with an active interest in theology and a multitude of religious perspectives. He is a Buddhist practitioner. He is a licensed professional counselor and forward-thinking manager and a skilled politician and advocate. Ted is an accomplished chess player and holds a black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate, and enjoys sailing, fishing, rafting and most recently hiked the Grand Canyon. Ted is a devoted family man, who is loved by his wife, his children and grandchildren.”

– Rob Goldsmith, President and CEO of People Inc of Virginia, Vice President of the Virginia Community Action Partnership and board member of the National Community Action Partnership

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