Michael Riddell

Michael RiddellMichael Riddell’s honest look into the changes he has faced is an eye-opening read.

About the Author

Michael Riddell was born in Sydney, Australia, and after earning a degree in economics, married his college sweetheart and joined the family hotel business. Quickly leaving the hospitality industry behind, Michael found a career in cotton farming—a career that would ultimately leave him financially bankrupt and end his twenty-five-year marriage.

Life, A Little Brown Dog, and Shite Like ThatWhat started out as an exercise in journaling has turned into something more colorful—and something to help other middle-aged men who have hit “the wall.” Guys who are maybe looking for a different set of answers to life’s problems, a whole new way of looking at things. Michael enjoys remembering all of his adventures and mishaps as he records them in his writing, even if those memories make him cry, laugh, or feel downright embarrassed by his own actions.

Michael has had fifteen dogs, thirteen cars, six nicknames, five cats, two children, and three stepchildren. Same Dog, Different ShiteWhen not working in his new field of gas pipelines, he shows a willing aptitude for breaking things—machinery, motor bikes, bank balances, and hearts. He likes little brown dogs and XXXX beer and is inconsolable when his football team loses. Michael now lives in Northern New South Wales, Australia, with his wife and soulmate Melinda.

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You can connect with Michael at his website or on Twitter.

About the Books

Life, A Little Brown Dog, and Shite Like That is available through the WriteLife store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and other major retailers!

Same Dog, Different Shite is available for pre-order through the WriteLife store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other major retailers!