Linda Swalling Fettig

lindaLinda Swalling Fettig is the founder and owner of Omalinda Enterprises, a consulting company specializing in strategic implementation and capacity building. She worked for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for 20 years and was an executive on loan serving as the Director of the Rural Development Commission for the state for almost 10 years. She is also an adjunct professor for Bellevue University teaching entrepreneurial and management courses in the online environment. Linda is a summa cum laude Bachelor of Arts graduate of Graceland College with a minor in Business Administration and an emphasis in Community Development. ShRule of Thumb: A Guide to Small Business Growthe earned a Master of Arts in Leadership Development from Bellevue University and a Master of Science in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship from Peru College. She is also a graduate of the Economic Development Institute.

Linda’s works on community and rural development have been published in national trade journals and she has been a presenter at conferences, workshops and seminars at the local, regional and national levels. Linda is the author of The ABCs of Development: It’s About Building Capacity (a book written for community volunteers) and Rule of Thumb: A Guide to Small Business Growth (WriteLife 2012).

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