Jack Tuttle

Jack TuttleJack Tuttle’s debut book It’s a Secret, So Pass It On, is a transformational journey connecting readers to the spiritual world.

About the Author

Jack L. Tuttle’s diverse life experiences have given him a unique perspective of the world. In a world of specialists, he is a generalist. With a bachelor of science in biology and a minor in chemistry, Jack went on to earn a bachelor of science in veterinary medicine, a doctorate in veterinary medicine, and a master’s degree in adult continuing education—all from the University of Illinois. Having worked in small animal veterinary practice and then as a small animal extension veterinarian, Jack developed an expertise in animal behavior and eventually worked at a large referral hospital as an animal behavior specialist. He later wrote a book on dog behavior called Dogs Need Our Love. He has also written many articles for various veterinary and animal-related publications, and he’s given a number of speeches on animal-related issues.

It's a Secret, So Pass it OnJack’s varied educational, professional, and personal adventures led him to writing It’s a Secret, So Pass It On, and the lessons and teachings here are all based on Jack’s life, his passions, and his never-ending pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Jack’s quality of life has been enhanced greatly by his unique understanding, and he is confident it can help others as well.

Jack lives in Champaign, Illinois, where he and his wife Mary Jane own and operate Insight Metaphysical Bookstore. The physical store was open 16 years, and it continues to this day as a website. When not writing or selling books, Jack loves to play golf and work on all kinds of creative projects. His biggest joy comes from helping others.

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About the Book

It’s A Secret, So Pass It On