Dawn Marie

 Diary of an Online Dating JunkieJust like most little girls, Dawn Marie grew up on a steady diet of fairytales. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, she had no doubt that one day she would be staring deeply into the eyes of her very own Prince Charming. As it turns out, it’s taking a lot longer than expected to find that “happily ever after.” The road has been more bumpy and unconventional than anyone would ever have guessed.

Dawn moved to Los Angeles at the age of twenty-two, and after a brief, but successful modeling career (including four national swimsuit posters), she put her creative talents to good use by starting her own interior decorating business. She loves being in the kitchen with family, good friends, and a good glass of wine. Dawn is passionate about her story and aspires to show other women who find themselves trying to make sense of life after divorce that there is hope.