Charles Ota Heller

apCharlie was born in Prague three years before the country was occupied by Germany. Today, he is a writer, having published an award-winning memoir, Prague: My Long Journey Home. It was translated into Czech and published (as Dlouhá cesta domů) by Mladá Fronta, the nation’s largest publisher. His lighthearted memoir, titled Name-droppings: Close Encounters with the Famous and Near Famous was published in 2013.

readyHe holds three engineering degrees and was the recipient of Maryland’s “Entrepreneur-of-the-Year” award, Oklahoma State’s Lohmann Medal, and CUA’s Alumni Achievement Award. He was the youngest-ever tenured professor at the Naval Academy and the first Professor of Practice in the history of the University of Maryland. In 2015, Charlie was inducted into the Oklahoma State University CEAT Hall of Fame.