Blog: Sports and Books and Summer

“Children run behind the courts and retrieve errant serves and music plays from someone’s portable speakers. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ sounds great if we’re winning and painful when we are behind.” ~Holly Collingwood, WriteLife Blogger Click here to read this entire WriteLife blog.


Blog: A Book to Help Heal Victims into Survivors

“I know you’ve seen the headlines about the case of the Stanford University swimmer who violently attacked a woman and raped her and then was only sentenced to six months in county jail (plus probation and a lifetime on the sexual offender database). Maybe you’ve read details about the case, or read the victim’s powerful […]


Blog: Learning Leadership

“I’ve worked for three different non-profits during my career. And without a doubt, some of the best leaders I met were in these organizations. They are men and women who have a passion for serving others through the mission of their organizations. They envision a better future and inspire others to make those changes whether […]